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Our Classic Serenity Sandscape Comes In 7 Mesmerizing Colors

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Whether or not you live a stress-filled lifestyle, having our sand décor throughout your environment is a positive way to ensure mindfulness and serenity.

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  • Philip K.

    I am a return customer and love these products. Not only do I enjoy them myself but I think they make fantastic presents. In particular the recently added masterpiece collection is a particularly elegant piece of art. I want you to know that these are great products and I hope you take pride in them.

  • Robert G.

    Love it! Just what I was looking for. If you think it doesn’t work just line up the bubbles properly. I really enjoy this in my home office.

  • Katelyn M.

    This was the perfect addition to my office space. I got lots of compliments from my coworkers and patients! It provides a very ‘zen’ feel. It’s calming to turn and watch as the sand falls into different designs. Very happy with the quality and colors incorporated inside.

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