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Serenity Masterpiece Edition

Serenity Masterpiece Edition

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Lose yourself to extraordinary scenes of deserts, mountains, and deep oceans with our mesmerizing moving exotic sand art.

The shifting of sands continuously creates unique and heavenly scenes with an assortment of colors. As each moment passes by, absorb the art and beauty as you may never see that unique pattern form again.

Feel at peace with this exquisite art as it brings a calming aura into your home. With its ever-changing beauty and soothing qualities, it makes this a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Its stunning features include:

• Ethereal colors displayed in the sand including blue, green, yellow, purple & pink.

• Its size makes it ideal for office furnishings and mesmerizing home decor.

• Picturesque and stylish frame.

• Enjoy the shifting and trickling of sands with flow time that ranges from a few minutes to several hours.


Instructions For Use

  1. Make all the sand go to the bottom before use.
  2. Then shake the moving sand art picture up and down, left and right a few times with your hands(shaking up and down, the bubbles become small; shaking left and right, the bubbles become big).
  3. After shaking, wait for about 10 seconds to let the sand sink to the bottom.
  4. Then invert the sand painting horizontally to put on the Stand (When it is turned upside down, let the air bubbles block the sand, and let the sand slowly flow down from the bubble gap).

Here are 3 Tips:

  1. The slower the flow rate of sand, the more prominent the effect;
  2. If the sand flow is too fast, it is because the bubbles are too big. At this time, it should be shaken up and down for a few minutes to make the bubbles smaller;
  3. If the sand cannot flow down, it means that the bubbles are too small. At this time, slide slowly left and right for a few minutes to let the bubbles coalesce.

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